Spread the word to families with babies and toddlers

Become a Family Reading Advocate by sharing this website and information about the program with the families of the children you serve. If you are an early childhood professional who serves families in Qualified Opportunity Zones in Texas, help spread the word about Books Beginning at Birth.

We need your help to ensure that more children in Texas build a personal library to own at a young age! You can empower and motivate families to develop strong reading habits early on that will benefit all children throughout their lives.

Books Beginning at Birth- QR Code

You are welcome and encouraged to share this website and download, print, and share any promotional materials we provide directly with your families in any format you choose so that they may sign up to receive books in the mail at home.

You can help families sign up in person at your site, but be sure to have them watch the introduction video and confirm that you have their verbal permission to share their information with us.

Want to help even more children get access to free books?

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