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Join us for live online storytimes

Come to a free Zoom meeting with your children and enjoy a reading of books from BookSpring, some follow up activities, and ask questions to help you read aloud together!

The 5 Senses

Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. These are the five senses. The 5 Senses are the special ways that living things can learn and know…

Time: Journey through the ages

Many, many years ago, when the earth was very new, there was no life. Today, there are people and cities everywhere! Where do you think…

Floating Boats

It was by boats that people first traveled across the oceans between the continents. Some of the best boats are the ones that float on…

Rhythm Readers

Think of all the sounds that a rhythm can be. Ratatatat and Dumdedumdum.  A rhythm can even be quiet (shhh!).  Can you think of some?…

Do you have books at home?

If you need print books for your child, visit the sign up page or call us at (888) 952-9572.

Watch a Video and Access Digital Books Anytime

Use the digital library to watch a video with Bibi the Butterfly and read some books together right now.