Welcome! We’ve put together some of the most common questions about Books Beginning at Birth.  If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us directly at ask@b3tx.org, and we’ll be happy to help.


Who is eligible to receive print books from Books Beginning at Birth? 

All families residing in Texas who have children under the age of 5 years may be eligible to receive print books mailed to their home. Once enrolled, children may receive free print books delivered to their home twice a year until they turn age 5.


Are there any requirements in order to apply?

There is a short video that is required to view within the sign up form that shares an overview of Books Beginning at Birth and read aloud tips for families and caregivers with children from 0 to 4 years of age.


If I have more than one child, will I need to fill out a separate form for each child?  

No, you may include up to 3 children in the same sign up form and choose books based on their favorite topics and home language.


How long does it take to receive print books?

Waiting times can vary depending on the age of the child and resources available. Typically, families may wait between eight to ten weeks to receive their books. 


How can I update my address or change my information? 

You may submit a request to update your address through our Change of Address web form.  If you are moving out of the state of Texas or you simply wish to discontinue receiving books, you may submit a request using our Cancel Subscription Form.


Can I add another child to an existing account? 

Of course! If you have recently had another child and would like to sign them up, please let us know through our  Add Another Child submission form. We just need a few details about your child, such as name, birthday, and home language so that we may enroll them into the program.


Are there other requirements for Books Beginning at Birth? 

To join, children must reside in Texas and families need to watch a brief video on reading aloud. Once enrolled, we kindly ask for your participation in a few surveys to help us improve the program. Due to limited supplies, we prioritize families in specific zip codes, those eligible for financial assistance, and those not enrolled in similar programs. We appreciate your understanding and are excited to support your family’s reading journey!


How many times will we receive print books? 

Books are mailed twice a year, approximately every six to eight months. Waiting times can also vary depending on availability of resources. 


Who can use the digital libraries? 

Anyone can access the digital libraries and our other digital early literacy resources, such as our weekly e-newsletter! Each digital library includes a variety of books, provided by BookSpring and Unite for Literacy, for parents and caregivers to read aloud together with children. 


Is there any cost for the book app?

The book app is free! The B3 Books Digital Library app is a free resource to boost early literacy and foster a love for reading among families.


Is there a “best” time to read aloud to my child?

Some of the best times to read to young children are before bed and before naps. Reading before bed helps them relax, creating a calm routine that fosters connection and bonding. Additionally, research suggests that reading to infants and toddlers before an afternoon nap can significantly improve their word retention and increase the number of words they retain. To maximize these benefits, try reading to your child before naps and bedtime. We encourage you to experiment with different strategies and see what works best for you and your child!


Is there any other support about how to read aloud with my child?

Yes, there is plenty of support available for reading aloud to your child! You can sign up for our weekly newsletter, which offers tips, digital book recommendations, and activities to enhance your reading time with your family.

Additionally, you can visit the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (TXAEYC) and BookSpring websites for more resources and information on early literacy and high quality early childhood education. These sites provide valuable tools and guidance to help you foster a love of reading in your child.